Ingrid Bell


The development of my work holds affinities with the ever increasing crossover between Art and Science.

I am particularly interested in sensory experience from birth through to death and the body as a register for emotional states and how these often hidden states are portrayed. It seems natural then to take autobiographical narrative as a resource fundamental to understanding the experience of others.

Over the last few years I have been tracking current developments in neurobiology and advances in visual research through neuroimaging that allow insight into the brain/mind, connection. Accessibility to MRI imaging posed further questions around neuroaesthetics,

which is the study of the brain and how it is affected by looking at art and how it is affected by making art. Neuroaesthetics could well be a scientific name for art therapy, that embraces the biological link.

Whilst my interests are drawn from the personal and shared experience, there is a clear connection for me in my choice of media which underpin these explorations. I find that all modes of printmaking express similar properties of layering of experience, of taking an image and transferring it from one medium to another, adding another quality to the image. I am also inspired by the moving image with its third dimensional capacity of forming an immersive environment. Film is like meditation or blood pulsing through ones veins, you can turn your attention inward or externally within the experience.