Ingrid Bell


Whilst living abroad certain dramatic events lead me to reassess my personal and professional life choices.

As I was already a practicing artist and valued the image meaning-making process, it made sense for me to train as an Art Psychotherapist. I have now been practicing as such for nearly twenty years. Consequently, I sought further extensive and in-depth training, not only to support and enrich my own understanding of the human condition but also to enhance the quality and benefit of service I offer to others.

My choice of continued training was to pursue a psychoanalytical model with a focus on early childhood experience and development. I wanted to understand how we begin to make sense of the world around us. Shortly after this training, ideas from neuroscience and the relationship between mind and brain were filtering into the psychotherapy language. I developed my interest in this through training as an EMDR practitioner. EMDR considers the effects of trauma on the mind and body and works with the ability of the brains plasticity; that is the capacity of the brain to rewire itself, make new positive connections and ultimately resolve traumatic experiences.

I make use of all the methods, theories and practices I have learnt, to be with a client. It is ultimately the client who chooses which type of therapy or combination of therapies they wish to engage with.



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